Detail discussion on visa codes related to Vietnam visa application  

All of us know that visa is mandatory to travel to other countries and there are several kinds of visas that are used according to the purpose of visit by the applicants. For Vietnam visa application there are separate codes to different visas and each code signifies a separate reason of visit.

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  • NG1 to NG4 – given to diplomats. LV1 to LV2 – provided to people working with Vietnam.
  • DT – given to lawyers or investors.
  • DN – for people working in Vietnam agencies. NN3 – given to NGO staff working with a representative office in Vietnam.
  • DH – for interns and students. HN – for delegates who have come to attend meetings.
  • PV1 – this is for the journalists who reside permanently in Vietnam.
  • PV2 – this is given to those journalists who come to Vietnam for short visits.
  • VR – this visa is for people who come to Vietnam to visit relative staying there

These are the few codes often used to differentiate visas; more information on such codes can be obtained from the official homepage of the organization.

How will the Vietnamese visa service, help you?

Vietnam is one of the few countries in the world which calls for your visa to even visit the country. This is a step taken to increase their security. But despite the step being painful to travelers, their extended Vietnam visa service is sure to bowl you over! Want to know what the service includes? The service includes the provision of visa at arrival.

How does the Vietnamese visa policy affect travelers?

The Vietnamese visa policy comes off as really time consuming when you first hear of it. However, the fact that they have enabled an online application for the visa at arrival is something that has simplified things greatly.

Vietnam being one of the most beautiful places in the world tends to be flocked with travelers for the whole of the year. And to think about it, these travelers wouldn’t really go there if the visa policy disrupted their comfort.

Why is Vietnam visa policy praised by all?

To make provisions for the visa of almost all travelers merely by allowing them to apply for it online, Vietnam visa policy is no less than commendable. So, go to Vietnam and enjoy to your heart’s content with your very own visa at arrival!